Does Cosmetic Surgery Causes Pain

Is it a pain in the ass?


When you hear cosmetic dentistry, there is one thing popped up in your mind, “Teeth”. Next is toothache. Does anyone of you have toothache before? I did and I must say, it was a terrible and awful feeling. It was making me weak. I can’t concentrate to my job. It was only tooth was aching but I can feel it in my entire body. Nobody wants toothache.

Toothache differs in pain intensity and sensitivity. We all know that not everyone will experience same thing like other. Some may have sharp tooth pain or sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks. Chronic toothache from severe damage tooth is really agonizing. Excruciating pain cause by abscess or dental infection is really painful. Toothache is a very serious dental problem. You can’t wait but look for the best remedy.

Does cosmetic dentistry cause pain?

Is it more painful than the real toothache? Anyway, cosmetic dentistry pain intensity depends on the process. The truth is there may be some part of the process that painful and some are not. For inlay/onlay, dental veneers and composite bonding, the cleaning process will be the painful part. It is very important to clean thoroughly to make sure of effectiveness. The molded mixture for inlay/onlay or the enamel and amalgam will not bond well if the surface is not clean enough. This is also to make sure that no more decayed tooth or bacteria left inside. The process will be successful if the effective surface or part of the tooth is clean enough.

A dental veneer is good for chipped, cracked, damaged and discolored teeth.  It uses a special tool named burr. It is used to shave off the front surface of the tooth before applying the composite or porcelain laminated to the damaged teeth. The painful part is still shaving and cleaning of the front surface of the teeth. Dental implants on the other hand, are replacing artificial teeth to missing teeth. It is similar to dentures but much better. Dental implants stay in your gums unlike dentures that are removable. The process of dental implants may painful but after that you’ll have beautiful tooth/teeth. The original teeth are the best but dental implants and dentures are good alternative.

As we all know dental braces are trending and on demand cosmetic dentistry today. You can choose from different styles and colors. It is used to correct uneven alignment of the teeth. It takes some time for the process. It really depends on the progress and the needs of teeth. It can be painful while you’re wearing dental braces. It is also uncomfortable when talking or eating. After months or years, you will able to see the result of your sacrifices. On the other side, teeth whitening or teeth bleaching may be painful too. The process of removing tartar and plaque in the gums and teeth is something. You just sit there but can’t wait to finish everything. The scaling and polishing process is a little uncomfortable and painful. After that, you can see the result; white and sparkling teeth.

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